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We believe in the human right to health and healthcare, which must guarantee access to a quality healthcare system that will protect you. It doesn’t matter the type of accident you had, you have rights!

In case of an injury after an accident, we will help you access the best medical treatment possible and legal help. Our doctors are experts in work and car accidents, which covers a wide range of injuries such as brain, back, neck, hands, fingers, legs, whiplash, nerve, etc. We will get you fixed so that you can go back to your normal life and focus on what really matters, your family, loved ones and yourself! No matter the type of auto injury or pain, CALL NOW for a free consultation and access the best specialists doctors in Chicago with high ethical standards. Call (844) 243-7246.

Legal AID

If you had any kind of car or work accident, you should consult with an experienced attorney to learn about your rights!

After a motor vehicle accident or if you get hurt at work, call us totally free for a free consultation with the best lawyers in accidents in Chicago. The most common accidents are motorcycle, car and truck. They will provide you with valuable information to understand your rights and help you get the best medical treatment without paying and bills. Our accident attorneys have high ethical standards and helping people is their mission!

Having a lawyer injury attorney on your side, that will get you a free medical treatment is critical, you shouldn’t pay anything after an accident.

We will be at your side and fight for your case.

Total AID

24/7 available, we fight for your case with you, being at your side, anytime, anywhere. We have facilities for transportation in case of need and we take seriously helping people, that’s why our doctors and attorneys must pass a high quality filter to be part of our network. We want to you to focus on what is important, your life and your loved ones.

You have rights! And you have AID PAIN on your side.   CALL US NOW, TOTALLY FREE!

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“Aid Pain is amazing, I hurt my back and neck in a car accident and didn’t have insurance, and it wasn’t my fault. They were really nice, helped me and put me in contact with a good attorney. I am also going to their clinic, it’s been a great experience and I feel better.”


“I had a work accident and they fired me, I didn’t know what to do and I found AID PAIN; they put me in contact with an attorney that helped me pay my medical bills and get free treatment; and indemnization from the company.”


“I had a car accident that I didn’t provoke and they hurt my back and hand. Doctor Bayran was excellent, the team was kind and I would recommend them to anyone with pain. Regarding the legal service, I was offered a free consultation but didn’t use it, I didn’t need it.” )


Car accident?

After suffering an accident, anyone SHOULD consult with a doctor and get a check done. Even if you think you are not hurt, you may already have common injuries like the ones related to back and neck, that will get worse over time. If you hurt yourself, no matter the kind of injury, you have rights and don’t have to suffer pain. Put your health first.

That is the reason why we are AID PAIN, our mission is to protect you, and our network has some of the best doctors in accidents in Chicago.

Work Accident?

In case of work accident, we recommend you to consult a doctor and an attorney as soon as possible. First, because your health is a priority and you have the right to access a quality medical treatment. Second, you must consult an attorney to learn about your rights, no matter if you are a citizen, immigrant, illegal or your immigrant status; you have rights and is possible you find yourself in an indemnization case. We will help you to get a free consultation with the attorneys of our network, totally free!

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