Medical AID

We will be your medical support, getting free consultations with the best doctors in our network in Chicago, with high ethical standards and experience in accident cases.

Legal AID

We will be your legal support and we will get a free consultation with one of the best lawyers in our network, specialists in car accidents or work in Chicago!

24 Hours

We offer a 24-hour service, seven days a week. We want you to know that you can count on us and we will always be there when you need it.

Free Service + Free Consultation

Our services are totally free. We have a network of contacts of doctors and lawyers specialized in accidents, with the experience of having helped hundreds of clients. We will help you to get a 100% free consultation with the best doctor and / or lawyer for your case.


We put at your disposal a transport service in case you are unable to use yours or public transport, we will go to your home and take you to the clinic or appointment. Count on us!


Our quality of service is given by our passion to help people. We really care about you and we will be your personal assistants, we will fight for your rights and we will make your life easier.

These are the benefits you can get.

Support and case review.
Medical consultation with specialists and lawyers with extensive experience and impeccable reputation.
Protection so they do not run from work.
Remuneration of your salary that you did not receive because you were not working.
Remuneration for pain and suffering due to the accident.
Disability compensation according to the type of accident.